Tongariro Crossing Transport

It is a good idea to reserve a spot at the Ketetahi Car Park, and then take one of the shuttles to Mangatepopo to start the Tongariro Alpine crossing hike. You’ll also need to arrange return transport from your accommodation, township, or National Park., Ohakune, or Whakapapa. This is because you will need to pay for two shuttle rides. It’s also only an hour from Taupo. This makes it easy for international tourists to cross the border. We operate in and around New Zealand’s oldest national park and a dual World Heritage Site.

Crossing the Tongariro: Take a day or a little longer – New Zealand Herald

Crossing the Tongariro: Take a day or a little longer.

Posted: Mon, 18 Oct 2021 07:00:00 GMT [source]

The Tongariro Crossing is deservedly described as one of the best one day hikes in the world. You will cross from alpine meadows into mountain summits with spectacular volcanic features. You’ll walk across the lunar landscape between Mt Tongariro at 1966m and Mt Ngauruhoe, 2287m above sealevel. Shuttles run from as early as 5.45 up to 10am, during peak seasons. We recommend you start early to ensure you leave enough daylight hours to reach the end, but pack a headtorch just in case. Regular return shuttles depart every hour from the afternoon until 6pm.

This includes walking downhill, which presents its own set of challenges. Tongariro National Park, in the central North Island is very easy to get to from Auckland (by far NZ’s most populated city) and Wellington. It’s not too difficult for those who want to do more than a simple hill climb. Generally this is not a good idea as the hike will take longer and you’ll have an extra 360 metres of climbing.

There is no need to book a return time – just hop onto the next departing shuttle. This depends on your level of fitness, but most people complete the hike within 6 to 8 hours. It is not a race, so take your time and enjoy all the sights!

How many people walk the Tongariro Crossing a year?

Each year, about 140,000 people walk the challenging 19.4 kilometre day hike. Tongariro Public Safety Senior Ranger Theo Chapman said DOC was worried about the risk of multiple fatalities on a bad weather day.

Ketetahi, if you drive, is the easiest option. You can only really park here if you are going to do a short section of the hike, then turn around and head back. You don’t need to book the crossing. Just prepare and plan accordingly and show up.

There is limited cell phone reception over most of the Tongariro Crossing from most providers. However, once you start to descend from Ketetahi Hut reception is less reliable until you reach the end. But downhill can also be challenging – for different reasons. Gravity may be on your side, but on loose terrain especially, the downhill sections can place stress on knees and ankles.

And if you’re lucky with the weather, you might witness a spectacular mountain sunrise. On a busy fine day over 2000 hikers can be hiking the Crossing. Read more about read what he said here. Only 40 minutes away is the dual World Heritage site, Tongariro National Park.

Are there toilets on Tongariro Crossing?

It is recommended you take at least 2 litres (67.6 oz) of water per person – or more on a hot summer’s day. Are there toilets along the track? Yes – there are toilets about every 1 to 2 hours along the track. But take your own hand sanitiser and toilet paper.

You’ll feel prepared and ready to enjoy the Tongariro Crossing journey. Our local Team will ensure you have the right gear and that the weather is suitable for hiking. After the hike, the shuttle returns to Discovery. The Alpine Co shuttle will have you starting the hike as early as a little after 5am. Which means it’s possible to be about 1.5 to 2 hours ahead of the masses.